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4 Hi Tower Newspaper Printing Machine

While looking for a newspaper printing machine in India, you can’t ignore the speed factor associated with the printing process. 4 Hi Tower (Automatic) presents the ideal solution to meet your demand. It allows the options of printing 4 colours, 2 colours or single colour on both sides of two webs. Available with dynamically-balanced hard chromium plated solid plate along with blanket cylinders, it ensures the efficient operation. The continuous dampener and the variable speed water pick-up roller ease the process. Special cut off on demand further adds on to its popularity. The structure of this machine has blanket and plate cylinders that are mounted on dust proof and double row TIMKEN tapered roller bearings. It ensures efficient rolling and vibration free operation.

Applications of 4 Hi Tower Newspaper Printing Machine

4 high tower newspaper printing machines are considered as ideal for printing various daily newspapers, books, posters. It can also perform circular printing with varied colours and pagination.

The application of these machines is mainly found in these areas:

  • Newspaper Printing
  • Magazine Printing
  • Book Printing
  • Allied Journals Prating
  • Documents Printing
4 Hi Tower Newspaper Printing Machine

Why 4 Hi Tower is Best for Newspaper Printing?

Newspaper printing is a time-bound affair that relies on high-quality machines to carry out the task without any flaw. The features that make it highly preferable by clients include on the run adjustment to register 4 colours on any side of web and cam operated from roller throw-offs. 4 Hi towers machine is considered among the best newspaper printing machines due to the following features:

  • Robust and heavy-duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units
  • Drive shaft along with Thomas coupling
  • Brush mist dampening system
  • Centralized water circulation system
  • Provided with full platform with safety railing
  • Standard "T" bar blanket cylinder lockup
  • Register pins in plate cylinders
  • High operational efficiency
  • User-friendly machinery design
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
  • Motorized Registration system
  • Spray Bar Damping System
  • Bearer on Plate and Blanket cylinder
  • Remote Ink Control
  • Computerized Registration system
  • Automatic / Computerized ink loading system
  • UV drier
  • Digital Drive
  • Hanging/pillar clutch on either side of 4 Hi Tower
  • Narrow Gap blanket Cylinder
  • Solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinder
  • Water chilling system
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Technical Specifications
    Particulars 508mm Cut Off 546mm Cut Off 560mm Cut Off 578mm Cut Off 630mm Cut Off
 Cut Off 508mm 20” 546mm 21-1/2” 560mm 22” 578mm 22-3/4” 630mm 24.80”
 Plate & Blankket Width 889mm 35” 889mm 35" 889mm 35" 889mm 35" 889mm 35"
 Plate Length
Gripper 516mm 20.31" 554mm 21.81" 568mm 22.36" 586mm 23.07" 638mm 25.11”
Slit 539mm 21.22" 577mm 22.71" 591mm 23.26" 609mm 23.97" 661mm 26.02”
 Plate Thickness 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011”
 Blanket Length
 including bars
556mm 21.88" 594mm 23.38" 608mm 23.93" 626mm 24.64" 678mm 26.69”
 Blanket Thickness 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065"
 Paper width full reel 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35"
 max. reel dia 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42"
 Printing Length 482mm 18.97" 520mm 20.47" 534mm 21.02" 552mm 21.73" 604mm 23.77”
 Blanket thickness
 with under packing
2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082"
  • Special Cut Off on Demand
  • Web width can be upto 915mm
  • Stocks handled : Paper Reel (Uncoated) 38-80 gsm.
  • Ronald Web Offset Pvt Ltd. reserves the right to vary specifications of RONALD presses without prior information resulting from its policy of consistently improving and updating of all products.
configuration of printing
4 Hi Tower Newspaper Printing Machine Configuration