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Offset Printing Accessories


Motorized Brushmist Dampening System to ensure uniform and optimum water film application on plate surface.

Brushmist Dampening System
Spray Bar Dampening System

Spray Dampening system for efficient control of dampening of plates and enhancing printing quality.

Spray Dampening system
On line Gluing System

Ideal for small booklets.

On line Gluing System
Remote Inking

Offers Ink Flow Control System from centrally located Computerized Console with unmatched precision and accuracy.

Remote Inking System
Stacker / Conveyor System

For Stacking printed copies/ sections in either constant or in variable quantity automatically.

Stacker / Conveyor System
Hydraulic Trolley

For easy reel movement.

Hydraulic Trolley
Reel Stand / Unit Reel Stand

Comes with pneumatic disc brakes or without pneumatic disc brakes in manual machines it comes with spring controlled mechanical shoe breaks.

Reel Stand / Unit Reel Stand
UV Ink Drying System

Smart, efficient and economic UV Ink drying system consumes much less power compared to conventional gas drying system.

UV Ink Drying System
Auto Reel Paster / Auto Splicer

Automatic Reel Paster to ensure uninterrupted printing.

Auto Reel Paster


25 march 2013


Executed Repeat Order of 8 Automatic Web Machines in Europe.

20 April 2013


Successfully Installed Automatic 4 Hi-Towers in Japan.


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