Auto Reel Paster / Auto Splicer

Auto Reel Paster / Auto Splicer

At Ronald Web Offset, we manufacture and supply a wide range of highly efficient printing machines. Let us introduce you to another wonderful product Automatic Reel Paster. It is used to ensure a smooth printing operation. Relying on our industry knowledge and expertise, we bring to you Autopaster for printing machine that is at par with international quality standards.

The first thing to establish a successful printing setup is to pay attention to the machinery installation. Every machine in the printing business plays an important role despite the fact of how small or big it is in size. The inclusion of the latest technology empowers any printing business, and we understand the same. Hence, we develop an Automatic flying paster using advanced technology to provide superb performance.

Use of Autopaster for Printing Machine

If you are wondering about the use of an auto paster for printing machines, then you would find it interesting to learn about its role. A flying paster ensures uninterrupted printing. It pastes one roll after another, without break, and continues its operation till the last. The term ‘flying’ is used with auto paster which explains the acceleration process of the roll to the press speed. Auto paster for newspaper printing machines is extensively used for high-speed printing. An automatic reel changer can be used to replace the current manual reel feeding units. Auto splicer for book printing ensures better printing quality and that is why it is highly demanded in the printing industry.

The machine is a revolutionary design which combines technology with the economy, hence it is also cheaper than the other variant. The technology provides great economic relief to any small printer or established web offset printer alike.

Advantages of Autopaster for Printing Machine

High Efficiency
A machine of equipment is judged by its efficiency rate. The auto paster for the printing machine we offer ensures high efficiency. It is specially designed in a way that it can meet your industrial demands in a faster and better way. Not to say, the efficiency feature talks about the superior quality itself.

Low Power Consumption

Talking about the best advantages of Autosplicer for book printing, low power consumption can be sure the one. With such a smooth production, it consumes less power. What else one could ask for? That is the reason, it is highly demanded in the printing industry.

Ease of Handling

The auto paster is easy to use because of the system provided which is user-friendly. With such easy operation, it eases off the tasks and ensures uninterrupted production. The auto paster manufactured by us is developed using the defined quality standards, which guarantees durability as well.

Minimal Labor

When it comes to automatic paster, it requires minimal effort or labour. Most of the functions are automated in a way that they can accomplish the task without taking a break. So, it does not require manual attention frequently.

Heavy-duty rigid frames to withstand the weight of the paper reels

    • Reel holding arm having separated A.C. motor for rotation.
    • Knife and flat brush mechanism for pasting.
    • Pneumatically expandable reel clamping shaft.
    • Dancing roller with Electrical to Pneumatic control system.
    • Motorized adjustable lateral reel shifting mechanism.
    • Close loop new reel synchronization with a separate AC motor for better reliability.
    • Electronic Photo sensors. Inductive sensors and encoder for positioning of reels/arm movements
    • PLC for auto 'on the fly' pasting
    • Special system for tension control.
      • The shaftless design can be added to any machine
      • Imported high-quality brake pads are used.

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