Roll To Roll Printing Machine

Roll To Roll Printing Machine

Stack type Flexo is a high speed Flexo printing machine has comes in two color & four colour . The frame is made of cast iron for minimum vibrations and fine printing. It has ability to print on various substates* such as PAPER BAG, PAPER CUPS, DUPLEX BOARD, TRAY PAPER, Non-woven, P.P, P.E, PVC printing and many more.

Key Features

  • Flx-series comes in Configuration of 2,4 and 6 colours stations. *Automatic tension controller for perfect rewinding rolls.s
  • Unwind station is provided with pneumatic brake system.
  • Very sturdy and rigid design.
  • Hot air-drying system which helps in proper drying of the ink.
  • S-type infeed and outfeed system.
  • Double side pneumatic shaft on winding and reminding for perfect gripping the inner core of the reel.
  • Double hydraulic lifter in winding and rewinding.
  • Latest generation vector drive are used which results in low power consuption.


  • Easy colour station accessibility, which facilitates changeover wash up and easy to operate.
  • Machine suitable for printing of craft paper, paper glasses, P.P., P.E., and polystyrene, non woven etc. materials (Depending upon the requirement of the customer).
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron frame with precision CNC machining ensures perfect printing and consumption.
  • Separate motor is provided at the ink station so that, when machine is in stop condition ink does not dry.


  • Auto tension controller using load cell and vector motor.
  • Shaftless drive system.
  • Slitting with bow roller.
  • Double closed chamber doctor blade system able to high quality printing at high speed with ink Pump. Auto web grading system which help in provide inverter alignment to bed and get better requirement
  • High quality ceramic analogue rollers PLC controlled with touch screen.
  • Auto web guiding system which helps in providing better alignment of the web enhance to get better result.

Main Machine Parameter:
Parameters 2- COLOUR Flexo Graphic Machine-FLX21250 4- COLOUR Flexo Graphic printing Machine-FLX41250
Max. Print Width 1250 1250
Max. Print Width 1200 1200
Ink Type Water, Solvent Water, Solvent
Plate Thickness Metal , Hard Chrome Metal , Hard Chrome
Ink Duct Open Tray Type Open Tray Type
Roll Lifting Hydraulic Hydraulic
Drying System Hot Air Dryer Hot Air Dryer
Web Guide Automatic , Close Loop Automatic , Close Loop
Electronic Web Guide Electronic Web Guide
Braking System Automatic Pneumatic Brakes Automatic Pneumatic Brakes
Plate Thicknes 1.7 mm 1.7 mm
Weight 6000 Kgs 6000 Kgs
Ink Pumping Air Pump Air Pump
Transmission Precision Timer Belt Precision Timer Belt
Ronald Web Offset Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2008 and CE Certified company who believes in their Customers' and end users' satisfaction and strives for built in quality in their products. Earnest efforts are made to rneet the quality and cost expectations of the customer.

This section is here to help you find the answers for the most common questions about our products.

General Questions

RONALD machines are available with the following various speeds :-
40000 copies per hour

Maximum 6 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 36000, ‘RONALD’ 30000, & ‘RONALD’ 16000 model folders. Maximum 8 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 40000 model folder.

Yes, with the help of an additional folder known as “Balloon Former” to be fitted on top of the main folder. This is an optional accessory.

Yes, from the “control desk” but this facility is offered as optional extra.

Yes, colour registration can be done from the control desk with the help of a computer. This facility is provided as optional.

We have completed 25 successful years in making printing machines and have specialized in manufacturing Web-offset machines.

Over five hundred ‘RONALD’ Web-offset machines are being used by our satisfied customers in India and abroad.

Yes, ‘RONALD’ Printing Unit e.g., 4Hi Tower / 3colour Satellite Unit and Stack Unit / Mono Unit can be added with similar type machines but the drive unit and motor capacity must be adequate to drive such add on ‘RONALD’ printing units otherwise, suitable ‘RONALD’ drive unit will be required to drive the complete machine.

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