Square Bottom Bag Making Machine

Square Bottom Bag Making Machine

We are counted among the leading square bottom paper bag manufacturers for offering excellent paper bag making machines. In this range, we present another versatile product, a square bottom paper bag machine. These machines use rolling paper as raw material and are capable to produce 100 percent biodegradable paper bags used for shopping. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we bring to you a quality product that is meant to ease off your everyday operations related to bag making. Our years of experience has brought us the expertise which is required to manufacture such machines with perfection.

Our manufactured square bottom paper bag making machine comes with a quick changeover of the Tube Formation Plates to eases off the operation. It comes in a compact size and easy to handle, which is why it has an exhaustive demand in the industry. The rollers and cylinders are dynamically balanced in our machine that is also featured with on the run adjustment. Using our machines, you can get superb bag quality and finishing according to international standards. The best part about this machine is its flexibility in encompassing several techniques during its operations like side gluing, roll folding, bottom folding, bottom forming, and roll paper cutting.

Specifications RSB 200 RSB 360 RSB 450
Bottom Size (H) 50-105mm 70-180mm 80-180mm
Bag Width (W) 80-200MM 160-360mm 230-450mm
Bag Tube Length (C) 190-370mm 270-530mm 270-530mm
Max Speed 260Pcs/Min 200Pcs/Min 180Pcs/Min
Paper Thikness 45-140GSM 50-170GSM 80-180GSM
Max Roll Diameter 1100mm 1200mm 1200mm
Reel inner Diameter 76mm 76mm 76mm
Paper Roll Width 280-630mm 535-1110mm 700-1250mm
Total Power 7.5KW 11 KW 11 KW
Machine Weight 6500KG 8500KG 9500KG
Machine Dimension LXWXH(mm) 6500x1600x1800 10000x2500x2000 10000x2800x2000
Specifications RSB 200
Bottom Size (H) 50-105mm
Bag Width (W) 80-200MM
Bag Tube Length (C) 190-370mm
Max Speed 260Pcs/Min
Paper Thikness 45-140 GSM
Max Roll Diameter 1100 MM
Reel inner Diameter 76mm
Paper Roll Width 280-630mm
Total Power 7.5KW
Machine Weight 6500KG
Machine Dimension LXWXH(mm) 6500x1600x1800
Specifications RSB 360
Bottom Size (H) 70-180mm
Bag Width (W) 160-360mm
Bag Tube Length (C) 270-530mm
Max Speed 200Pcs/Min
Paper Thikness 50-170GSM
Max Roll Diameter 1200mm
Reel inner Diameter 76mm
Paper Roll Width 535-1110mm
Total Power 11KW
Machine Weight 8500KG
Machine Dimension LXWXH(mm) 10000x2500x2000
Specifications RSB 450
Bottom Size (H) 80-180mm
Bag Width (W) 230-450mm
Bag Tube Length (C) 270-530mm
Max Speed 180Pcs/Min
Paper Thikness 80-180GSM
Max Roll Diameter 1200mm
Reel inner Diameter 76mm
Paper Roll Width 700-1250mm
Total Power 11KW
Machine Weight 9500KG
Machine Dimension LXWXH(mm) 10000x2800x2000

Note - Special Size available on request.

The Main Highlights of the machine are:

  • Quick changeover of the Tube Formation Plates.
  • Easy Touch Operation.
  • Compact and Easy to Handle
  • Automatic Counting System
  • Rollers and Cylinder are dynamically balanced.
  • On the run Adjustment of the size of the bag.

Advantages of Square Bottom Bag Making Machine
All the machines offered by us undergo strict quality testing standards which ensure efficiency and quality. Let us take you to a host of advantages that it offers.

Easy Operation
You may agree that the most important aspect of any machine is the ease of operation. This machine is easy to use and operator friendly, which is why it is highly demanded. It helps in offering high production and requires minimal maintenance.

Full Control
Our square bottom paper bag making machine enables the user to have full control over the machine. That is why you can never go wrong with paper bag making using this machine. It finds its application in the shopping industry where paper bags are extensively used to store a variety of items.

Compact Size
Gone are the days when machines denote to huge size. Time has changed and so does the size. A small footprint further allows easy installation. It also requires very little space. With a compact size, it can easily be adjusted anywhere.

Automatic Lubrication
The machines come with an automatic lubrication system, which enhances the machine life considerably. It can stay functional for a longer period by getting lubricated as and when required. This feature adds durability to the machinery for efficient function.

Minimal Efforts
The machines are provided with Hydraulic reel lifting which assists in quick changeover and requires less labor. Further, it has an automatic counting feature, which diminishes the need for labor. It saves the energy and time invested to produce higher productivity.

If you are looking for an excellent square bottom paper bag making machine India then you are at the right platform. Take a glance at our product gallery to find the right product or let us assist you.

Some examples of square bottom bag pictures

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General Questions

RONALD machines are available with the following various speeds :-
40000 copies per hour

Maximum 6 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 36000, ‘RONALD’ 30000, & ‘RONALD’ 16000 model folders. Maximum 8 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 40000 model folder.

Yes, with the help of an additional folder known as “Balloon Former” to be fitted on top of the main folder. This is an optional accessory.

Yes, from the “control desk” but this facility is offered as optional extra.

Yes, colour registration can be done from the control desk with the help of a computer. This facility is provided as optional.

We have completed 25 successful years in making printing machines and have specialized in manufacturing Web-offset machines.

Over five hundred ‘RONALD’ Web-offset machines are being used by our satisfied customers in India and abroad.

Yes, ‘RONALD’ Printing Unit e.g., 4Hi Tower / 3colour Satellite Unit and Stack Unit / Mono Unit can be added with similar type machines but the drive unit and motor capacity must be adequate to drive such add on ‘RONALD’ printing units otherwise, suitable ‘RONALD’ drive unit will be required to drive the complete machine.

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