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Ronald Web Offset® the company of international repute is a privately held family owned company engaged in manufacturing 'RONALD' line of web offset presses Since 1983. We have 36 years of experience at your service.

An ISO 9001 and CE Certified Company - having total in-house manufacturing capabilities of various models of Ronald Web Offset Printing Machine equipped with an extensive engineering and design department, stringent quality control facility, quality testing laboratory and own Research and Development Department.


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25 march 2013


Executed Repeat Order of 8 Automatic Web Machines in Europe.

20 April 2013


Successfully Installed Automatic 4 Hi-Towers in Japan.

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What if you find a newspaper where everything has been written in the same font using the same colours? Sounds monotonous! Well, that’s why newspaper houses use high-quality printing machines to print the newspaper. Being time sensitive affair, newspaper printing is meant to deliver newspapers with minimum downtime. The newspaper printing machines meet the demands of varying printing needs of companies. The upgraded technology enables the much-needed production bandwidth and a cutback in manual labor.

Types of Newspaper Printing Machines Ronald India
Types of Newspaper Printing Machines

Nowadays, newspaper comes in various sizes and styles. This is done with the help of various types of printing machines that ease the job of printing 4 pages, 8 pages, 12 pages, 16 pages, 20 pages and 24 pages. Besides allowing you to do printing with these options, it also helps you with different colour options and pagination.

While the books come in all sizes, the equipment needs to be efficient enough to deliver the outcome likewise. Book printing machines are used for printing small and medium books in India as well as abroad. With rust proof body, it ensures excellent functionality and super-fast printing. Its user-friendly operation makes it easy to carry out the daunting task of high-volume printing. These machines come with features like safety guards, motorized dampening, and heavy duty compensator.

Types of Book Printing Machines Ronald India
Types of Book Printing Machines

Due to the varied requirements of using different sizes and segments, book printing machines come with various colours option. The popular ones include single colour, two colours, and 4-colours options. This aid the production of high-quality printing using various colours. The book printing machines come with various advantages that include on-demand special cut off, up to 915 mm web width and efficient operation.

Magazine Printing Machines

Ronald India boasts of offering a number of magazine printing machines that make printing task no more challenging for you. These machines are efficient enough to do the various size of magazine printing to meet the customers’ needs. They are well-tested on latest quality standards that ensure the ease and speed of operations. Ronald book master is among the most preferred ones which help you printing high-quality books as well as magazines of varying sizes and colours.

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