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V Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

At Ronald Web Offset, let us present you with another high-quality product, known as V-bottom paper bag-making machine. It caters to the need of producing quality paper bags efficiently. Our machines come with various features like Pneumatic reel lifting and Pneumatic Break for Auto tension control for smooth operation. It is provided with a Dancing Roller Mechanism to facilitate controlling the tension. The V-bottom bag-making machine offered by us can be availed with the following options: Inline Printing and Servo Drive Unit with a print mark sensor.

Highlights of Machine

Technical Specifications

Specifications RVB 1018 RVB 1418 RVB 1824
Bag Length
Bag Width
0-100 MM
Standard Flap
Max Speed
500 Bags/MIN.
500 Bags/MIN.
400 Bags/MIN.
Paper Thickness
30-90 GSM
30-90 GSM
30-120 GSM
Paper Roll Width
Max Roll Diameter
1000 MM
1000 MM
1000 MM
Total Power
3.7 KW
3.7 KW
5.7 KW
Glue Motor
90 W
90 W
90 W
Overall Dimension
Weight Of Machine
2500 KG
3000 KG
4500 KG
Advantages of V Bottom Bag Making Machine

A V-bottom paper bag making machine offers several advantages, particularly for specific applications where the V-shaped design of the bag is beneficial. Here are some advantages of using a V-bottom paper bag making machine:

Efficient Use of Space
The V-shaped bottom allows for efficient use of space when packaging bulkier or irregularly shaped items. This design minimizes wasted space and maximizes the bag’s capacity.

Stability and Balance
V-bottom bags provide stability and balance, especially when the bags are filled with bulk products. The V-shape helps distribute the weight evenly across the bottom of the bag, reducing the risk of tipping or sagging.

Ideal for Bulk Products
V-bottom bags are well-suited for packaging bulk items such as grains, seeds, powders, and other loose materials. The design allows the bag to expand as it is filled, accommodating a larger volume of contents.

Improved Pouring and Dispensing
The V-shaped design facilitates controlled pouring and dispensing of the bag’s contents. This is particularly advantageous for industries where precise dispensing or pouring is essential, such as in agriculture or chemical applications.

Enhanced Stability During Transport
The stable base provided by the V-shaped bottom contributes to enhanced stability during transportation. This is crucial for preventing damage to the contents and ensuring the bags remain upright.

Customization Options
V-bottom paper bag making machines often provide flexibility in terms of customization. While the V-shaped design itself may limit some printing options, manufacturers may offer variations and additional features to meet specific customer requirements.

Versatility in Materials
V-bottom paper bag making machines can typically handle various paper types and thicknesses, allowing for versatility in material selection based on the specific needs of the products being packaged.

Cost-Efficient Packaging for Bulk Items
The efficient use of space and stability offered by V-bottom bags can contribute to cost savings in packaging and transportation, especially for businesses dealing with large quantities of bulk products.

Environmentally Friendly
V-bottom bags, like other paper bags, are often considered more environmentally friendly than some alternative packaging materials. They are biodegradable and can be recycled, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Compliance with Industry Standards
In certain industries, such as agriculture or food packaging, V-bottom bags may be preferred or required to meet specific standards and regulations related to packaging and transportation.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

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The V bottom bag making machine comes with various features to ensure smooth operation and efficient production. These include pneumatic reel lifting and a pneumatic break for auto tension control, a dancing roller mechanism for controlling tension, inline printing options, and a servo drive unit with a print mark sensor. Additionally, the machine has a quick-change over of the tube formation plates, an on-the-run size adjustment feature, and a one-roller glue system for better pasting.

Using a V bottom bag making machine offers numerous benefits, such as increased production efficiency, the ability to customize bag sizes and shapes, and improved bag quality. The machine’s features, such as the on-the-run size adjustment and one-roller glue system, ensure better pasting and tension control, resulting in higher-quality bags. Moreover, inline printing options allow for customization of bags, making them more appealing to customers.

Yes, the V bottom bag making machine can be customized according to specific requirements. The machine can be tailored to produce bags of various sizes and shapes, and it comes with options like inline printing and servo drive units with print mark sensors. Quick changeover of the tube formation plates is another add-on, which makes customization easier and faster.

The V bottom bag making machine can be used to produce various types of bags, such as grocery bags, shopping bags, and gift bags. The machine can be customized to produce bags of different sizes and shapes, making it ideal for producing bags for different applications.

Yes, the V bottom bag making machine comes with a warranty or guarantee, depending on the manufacturer. This ensures that the machine is of high quality and can be repaired or replaced if any issues arise during use. It is advisable to check the warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer before purchasing the machine.

The V bottom bag making machine can be used with a variety of materials, including kraft paper, laminated paper, and other paper materials with a weight range of 60-140 GSM. The machine is designed to produce V bottom paper bags with side gussets, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as grocery, retail, and food packaging. Additionally, the inline printing option allows for customization of the bags, making it ideal for branding purposes.

The production capacity of the V bottom bag making machine depends on various factors such as the size of the bags, the weight of the paper, and the number of folds. On average, the machine can produce 120-140 bags per minute. However, with the addition of the Servo Drive Unit and print mark sensor, the production capacity can be increased by up to 25%. The production capacity of the machine makes it suitable for commercial production, especially in the packaging industry.

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