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Standard Folder For Newspaper Printing

Ideal machine for single and multicolour printing ofsmall, medium and large newspapers & periodicals,publications, magazines, books and job work. RONALD standard folder has a rated Capacity of 16,000 copies/hour for 1/2 page fold*. This folder can produce broad sheet and tabloid newspapers with optionalattachments for magazine/ quarter fold and doubleparallel/ digest fold (with cross slitting/ perforation) forBook Production.

RONALD standard folder is designed for quick change over from half to quarter page ordouble parallel fold. It can handle 1 to 4 webs forproduction of 4 to 16 pages of broadsheet newspaper. For quarter fold 2 webs can be handled depending upon the gsm of paper.

Highlights of Machine

Signature Options

Products Cut-off Broadsheet Tabloid Quarter Fold (Magazine) 1/8 Fold (Booklet) Double Parallel or Digest (2-on)
Signature Size
368mm to 444mm x 508mm
254mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 254mm
184mm to 222mm x 127mm
127mm x 368mm to 444mm
(Untrimmed) sizes
368mm to 444mm x 533mm
266.5mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 266.5mm
184mm to 222mm x 133.25mm
133.25mm x 368mm to 444mm
Depending on web width used
368mm to 444mm x 546mm
273mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 273mm
184mm to 222mm x 163.5mm
136.5mm x 368mm to 444mm
368mm to 444mm x 560mm
280mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 280mm
184mm to 222mm x 140mm
140mm x 368mm to 444mm
368mm to 444mm x 578mm
289mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 289mm
184mm to 222mm x 144.5mm
144.5mm x 368mm to 444mm
368mm to 444mm x 630mm
315mm x 368mm to 444mm
184mm to 222mm x 315mm
184mm to 222mm x 157.5mm
157.5mm x 368mm to 444mm

Standard Jaw (1:2)

Max. Speed cph
Max. No. of Webs
Max. Speed cph
Max. No. of Webs
Quarter fold (Magazine)
Max. Speed cph
Quarter fold (Magazine)
Max. No. of Webs


Configuration of Printing

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