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RONALD machines are available with the following various speeds :-
40000 copies per hour

Maximum 6 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 36000, ‘RONALD’ 30000, & ‘RONALD’ 16000 model folders. Maximum 8 webs can be folded by ‘RONALD’ 40000 model folder.

Yes, with the help of an additional folder known as “Balloon Former” to be fitted on top of the main folder. This is an optional accessory.

Yes, ‘RONALD’ Printing Unit e.g., 4Hi Tower / 3colour Satellite Unit and Stack Unit / Mono Unit can be added with similar type machines but the drive unit and motor capacity must be adequate to drive such add on ‘RONALD’ printing units otherwise, suitable ‘RONALD’ drive unit will be required to drive the complete machine.

Yes, from the “control desk” but this facility is offered as optional extra.

Yes, colour registration can be done from the control desk with the help of a computer. This facility is provided as optional.

We have completed 25 successful years in making printing machines and have specialized in manufacturing Web-offset machines.

Over five hundred ‘RONALD’ Web-offset machines are being used by our satisfied customers in India and abroad.

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