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Flexographic Printing Machine Manufacturers

We bring to you another versatile product, known as Flexographic printing machine. Over time, packaging labels have become an important material for advertising because it establishes a connection between the business and its consumers. The machine employs relief plates that are made up of either photopolymer plates or flexible rubber.

Flexographic printing can be seen as a commercial printing style, which is used by companies that require high volumes of labels as well as packaging. Reputed flexographic printing machine manufacturers recommend these machines for their ability to print on almost any substrate, with a variety of inks to produce high-quality prints. The printing process consists of four rollers like ink roller, plate cylinder, meter roller, and impression cylinder.

Advantages of Flexographic Printing Machines

Let’s talk about the host of advantages it offers:

Once printing is set up, the automation process starts. The printing material is fed into the machine from a roller, which crosses every plate used systematically. The plates then roll the ink onto the material. Automation is the best advantage over the rest of the printing styles available in the market.

Being mostly automated, flexographic printing machines hardly relies on any manual labor. This adds to its cost-effectiveness because the ink used in printing is also cheaper as compared to other printing methods. Since the orders are accomplished in large quantities, it ends up saving a significant amount of money.

A flexographic printing machine uses most of the space available before the printing information gets cut in an accurate shape. The leading Flexographic printing machine manufacturers indicate that a machine can print up to 750 meters per minute. With a quick turnaround time, the machines are highly useful.

The machines come with versatility as there is no one right way to print using the machine. It can print using plates with materials that are fed from rolls and cut into an accurate size. With no waste of space or materials, it is appreciated for printing in record times.

Max. Printing material widthe
1220 mm
Printing length range
Max .Mechanical Printing speed
120 m/ min
Register precision
Thickness of plate

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