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Newspaper Printing Machine

  • Continuous dampener with variable speed water pick-up
  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder circumferential
    register adjustment with calibrated movement of ± 3mm
  • On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder side lay register
    adjustment with calibrated movement of ± 5mm
  • Standard “T” bar blanket cylinder lockup
  • In the plate cylinder, slit or spring-type plate lock-up
  • Robust and heavy-duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units
  • Heavy duty drive shaft with Thomas coupling
  • On the run adjustment for registration of 4 colours on each
    side of web
Highlights of Machine
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
  • Full platform with safety railing and stairway on four high arrangements
  • Register pins in plate cylinders
  • Cam operated form roller throw-offs
  • Blanket and plate cylinders are mounted on dust proof, double row TIMKEN tapered roller bearings for assuring true rolling and vibration free performance
  • Safety guards

Technical Specifications

508mm Cut Off 533mm Cut Off 546mm Cut Off 560mm Cut Off 578mm Cut Off 630mm Cut Off
Cut Off
508mm   20”
533mm   21”
546mm   21-1/2”
560mm   22”
578mm   22-3/4”
630mm   24.80”
Plate & Blanket Width
890mm   35”
890mm   35”
890mm   35”
890mm   35”
890mm   35”
890mm   35”
Plate Length (Unbent) Gripper
516mm   20.31"
541mm   21.3"
554mm   21.81"
568mm   22.36”
586mm   23.07"
638mm   25.11”
Plate Length (Unbent) Slit
539mm   21.22"
564mm   22.2"
577mm   22.71"
591mm   23.26"
609mm   23.97"
661mm   26.02”
Plate Thickness
0.3mm   0.012"
0.3mm   0.012"
0.3mm   0.012"
0.3mm   0.012"
0.3mm   0.012"
0.3mm   0.012"
Blanket Length including bars
556mm   21.88"
581mm   23.89"
594mm   23.38"
608mm   23.93"
626mm   24.64"
678mm   26.69”
Blanket Thickness
1.95mm   0.077"
1.95mm   0.077"
1.95mm   0.077"
1.95mm   0.077"
1.95mm   0.077"
1.65mm   0.065"
Paper width full reel
690-890mm   27"-35"
690-890mm   27"-35"
690-890mm   27"-35"
690-890mm   27"-35"
690-890mm   27"-35"
690-890mm   27"-35"
Max. reel dia
1100mm   43"
1100mm   43"
1100mm   43"
1100mm   43"
1100mm   43"
1100mm   43"
Printing Length
482mm   18.97"
518mm   20.39"
520mm   20.47"
534mm   21.02"
552mm   21.73"
604mm   23.77”
Blanket thickness with Under Packing
2.1mm   0.082"
2.1mm   0.082"
2.1mm   0.082"
2.1mm   0.082"
2.1mm   0.082"
2.1mm   0.082"


Configuration of Printing

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

This Section Is Here To Help You Find The Answers For The Most Common Questions About Our Products.

A 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine is a high-speed printing press designed to print high volumes of newspapers . It is configured as a four-high tower and can print up to 45,000 copies per hour.

The main advantage of using a 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine is that it can print large volumes of newspapers at high speeds, reducing production time and costs. It is also capable of producing high-quality prints with consistent ink coverage, ensuring that every copy is of the same high standard.

A 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine can print all types of newspapers, including broadsheets, tabloids, and even special editions with different formats and sizes.

The printing process involves feeding rolls of newsprint paper through the machine, where it is printed with ink on both sides. The paper is then cut and folded into a finished newspaper, ready for distribution.

A 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine can print up to 45,000 copies per hour, making it one of the fastest printing presses available. This speed is essential for meeting tight deadlines and producing high volumes of newspapers quickly.

The cost of a 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine varies depending on the model, size, and features required. However, it is generally considered to be a significant investment for any newspaper printing business.

To maintain optimum performance and ensure longevity, a 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine requires regular maintenance and servicing. This includes cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of worn parts.

The installation process can take several days or weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the machine. This involves re assembling the Printing Unit, Folding Unit and Reel Stand according to the Reel Feeding Layout of the machine, connecting it to power and water supplies, and testing its functionality.

A 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine is designed with various safety features, including emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlocking systems to prevent access to dangerous parts of the machine during operation.

Yes, a 4 HI Tower Newspaper Printing Machine can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as printing on different paper sizes or formats. Customization can be achieved by modifying the machine’s critical components such as Frames, Cylinders, Rollers and Gears to suit individual needs.

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On-the-run adjustment of plate cylinder circumferential register adjustment with the calibrated movement of ± 3mm

Ronald 3colour satellite + stack unit is ideal for printing 4+1. It is best suited for adding four colours on one side on one extra web for existing newspapers.

Ronald Machines » Web Offset Machines » Newspaper Printing Machine

5 Tips to Help you Find the Best Newspaper Printing Machines!

Printing done on a large scale is known as commercial printing. It is done with the help of modern commercial printing machines which are primarily used for making newspapers, books, magazines and other forms of advertising. These are heavy duty machines in order to produce better quality prints. Some of the additional features available with the printing machinery are the mode of quick printing that allows you to relate more copies within a defined time frame. The quality of printing can easily be differentiated between Ronald Newspaper Printing Machines and ordinary printing machines.

Growing Industry of Printing


With the advent of new technology, the printing industry has also incorporated new equipment. Now it is possible to use various types of printing tetchiness to print for a different purpose. There are two most popular printing techniques in the commercial world. Understanding the difference between both of them is always helpful. Web offset printing is backed by a long history, being evolved from the original type of offset press printing. This is the conventional form of printing which has remained true to its years back process. Now using computers makes it easy to save time and faster the process. Another technique is digital printing which simply works best on a small assignment.

Depending on the needs of printing assignment you can go for the printing methods. If you wish to own newspaper printing machinery, consider the following factors:


Printing Quality is Foremost!


Newspaper printing requires high quality and on-time printing. Unlike other forms of printing, it requires lots of information to be published in various fonts, sizes, and designs. A modern printing machine can ease off. Moreover, it requires thousands of copies to be published at the same time, so accuracy can’t be ignored. Installing modern machinery can fulfill the requirements at a faster pace. Web offset machines are suitable for high volume printings, over 500 units or more.


Consider the Page Size Accommodation!


When it comes to printing a newspaper, you can’t ignore the page size. Digital Newspaper printing is always restricted to flat page size which is only around 18 inches x 12 inches. So newspapers can’t be done with digital printing. Whereas, Web offset printing method offers much bigger page sizes like flat page sizes of 25 inches* 38 inches which make the printing task feasible for newspapers. One should always look for a reliable exporter of newspaper printing machines who can meet your demands.


Choice of Multiple Color Printing!


Printing a newspaper requires multi-color prints. The web offset printing has the ability use dull or gloss varnishes, varied textures and printing PMS colors owing to multiple ink heads which are different in digital printing due to the availability of only a single ink head.


Cost Factor is Significant!


This is the most important bet when it comes to newspaper printing. Many newspaper printing machines manufacturers understand this factor and come up with their machinery considering the cost. However, the installation takes time of such machines but with the advanced technology, the machinery is now far better in producing faster and accurate results.


A Variety of Printing Surface!


Web offset printing is however not conducive for customization but it gives you multiple choices in print surfaces. It lends itself to broad ranges of thickness, fonts and texture of paper, spot varnishes and special effects. In short, it suitability fulfills the demands of a newspaper printings.

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