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V Bottom Bag Making Machine

At Ronald Web Offset, let us present you with another high-quality product, known as V bottom paper bag making machine. It caters to the need of producing quality paper bags efficiently. Our machines come with various features like Pneumatic reel lifting and Pneumatic Break for the Auto tension control for smooth operation. It is provided with a Dancing Roller Mechanism to facilitate controlling the tension. The V bottom bag making machine offered by us can be availed with following options : Inline Printing and Servo Drive Unit with a print mark sensor.

Quick Change over of the Tube Formation Plates is another add-on. As a trusted V bottom paper bag making machine manufacturer, we manufacture superior quality machines, which use High Carbon and High Chromium Cutting Knives and come with an On the Run Size Adjustment feature. Two rollers Glue System is provided along with it to ensure better pasting.

v bottom bag making machine
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Technical Specifications
Model RVB 1018 RVB 1418 RVB 1824
Bag Length 150-460MM 150-460 MM 180-610 MM
Bag Width 75-270MM 75-270 MM 10-450 MM
Gusset 0-100 MM 0-100 MM 0-170 MM
Max Speed 500 Bags/MIN. 500 Bags/MIN. 400 Bags/MIN.
Paper Thikness 30-90 GSM 30-90 GSM 30-120 GSM
Paper Roll Width 250-740 MM 250-1000 MM 250-1290 MM
Max Roll Diameter 1000 MM 1000 MM 1000 MM
Total Power 3.7 KW 3.7 KW 5.7 KW
Glue Motor 90 W 90 W 90 W
Over All Dimension 3600*1900*1500 MM 3600*1900*1500 MM 5000*2400*1750 MM
Weight Of Machine 2050 KG 2250 KG 4500 KG

v bottom paper bag making machine

This machine produces high quality paper bags with V bottom with or without gazette that are mainly used in groceries , medical and confectionaries shops.

The Main Highlights of the machine are:

  • Pneumatic reel lifting of the heavy roll from the ground.
  • Pneumatic Break provided with the Auto tension control.
  • Dancing Roller Mechanism for controlling the tension.
  • Quick Change over of the Tube Formation Plates
  • On the Run Size Adjustment.
  • Two rollers Glue System for better pasting.
  • High Carbon and High Chromium Cutting Knives are used
  • Hard and ground gears are used in the Printing Unit

Options Available

  • Inline Printing: In Ronald RVB Series there is an option of putting the printing unit inline which help our customer to save the time and labor cost. Both 2 and 4 colors options are available.
  • Servo Drive Unit with print mark sensor: To get the perfect cut on the printed material.
  • Special Size available on request.

Let us understand the work process of the V bottom paper bag making machine. We will talk about it in 6 important steps.

Step 1: Roll Paper Feeding and Folding
Roll paper feeding is the first step where the roll is fed in the reel stand through the pneumatic reel lifters. Pneumatic brake offers the required paper tension before the paper gets folded properly to the former of the printing unit. The tension of the paper reel is controlled by the dancing roller mechanism provided on the reel stand.

Step 2: Inline Printing (Optional)
The paper from the reel stand goes to the printing unit and one or two color is printed. The printing unit is based on Flexo technology in which water-based ink is used which is environment friendly. The heating drier is provided to dry the flexographic ink completely

Step 3: Forming Bag
In this the paper tube is formed by the application of the side glue unit. On the run gusset size can be changed . In this the guide rollers are provided for smooth running of the paper tube

Step 4: Cutting
In the cutting section four high carbon and high chromium knives are used to cut the paper bag to its desired length.

Step 5: Gluing
Two roller system is provided to provide the uniform layer of the glue so that proper pasting is done.

Step 6: Pasting Bottom
Now, the paper bag is almost ready, and it has to use a system of rollers. These rollers press the bags to keep the folding ends intact and produce them wholly in a single piece.

Step 7: Delivery of the bag
Here, a big drum is provided which delivers the finished bag on the delivery table in the vertical direction. The counting of the bags is automatically done with the counting mechanism provided in the section

We are among the most trusted V bottom paper bag making machine suppliers in India and it is our work that comes with perfection every time.

Some examples of V bottom bag pictures

v bottom paper bag making machine suppliers in india