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Mono Unit For Single and Multicolour Printing

Ideal machine for single and multicolour printing of small, medium and large newspapers & periodicals, publications, magazines, books and job work.

  • Key/screw type swing down ink fountain
  • Short vertical web lead
  • Dynamically balanced hard chromium plated solid plate and blanket cylinders.
  • In the plate cylinder, slit or spring type plate lock-up.
  • Manual side register system on both plate cylinders, for on the run adjustment.
  • Ultra narrow gap (1.7mm) in plate cylinder with register pins.
  • "T" bar blanket lock-up for easy and secure mounting of blankets
  • Precision, hard and grounded gear through-out to maintain register, constant velocity and folding accuracy
  • Variable speed motorized dampening
  • Blanket and plate cylinders are mounted on dust proof, double row TIMKEN tapered roller bearings for assuring true rolling and vibration free performance.
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
  • Register pins in plate cylinders.
  • Safety guards


  • Continuous feed inking system ensures quality at all speeds
  • Dual ink form rollers
  • Swing down ink fountains for easy and quick cleaning (available in Super model)
  • Key type fountain keys for accurate ink control across the web (optional lever style keys)
  • Gear driven ink train
  • Manually operated lever to rotate ink fountain roller for quick setting of ink and easy cleaning
  • Continuous feed dampening system with micromatic control of fountain roller for variable speed to achieve reliable & quick result.
  • Lever-type swing-down ink fountain with overrides for ink fountain roller
  • Brushmist dampening system
  • Running circumferential register
  • Heavy duty compensator on unit
  • Pneumatic on/off for main impression, ink and dampener rollers.
  • Pneumatically controlled reel lifters
  • Clutch on either side of the unit
  • Centralized water circulation system
  • Solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders
  • Web aligner
  • Web tension control
  • Infra red or Electro mechanical web break detector
  • Grease lubrication for operating side bearings and bushes
  • Narrow gap blanket cylinders

Technical Specifications of Mono Unit

    Particulars 508mm Cut Off 546mm Cut Off 560mm Cut Off 578mm Cut Off 630mm Cut Off
 Cut Off 508mm 20” 546mm 21-1/2” 560mm 22” 578mm 22-3/4” 630mm 24.80”
 Plate & Blankket Width 889mm 35” 889mm 35" 889mm 35" 889mm 35" 889mm 35"
 Plate Length
Gripper 516mm 20.31" 554mm 21.81" 568mm 22.36" 586mm 23.07" 638mm 25.11”
 Slit 539mm 21.22" 577mm 22.71" 591mm 23.26" 609mm 23.97" 661mm 26.02”
 Plate Thickness 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011" 0.28mm 0.011”
 Blanket Length
  including bars
556mm 21.88" 594mm 23.38" 608mm 23.93" 626mm 24.64" 678mm 26.69”
 Blanket Thickness 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065" 1.65mm 0.065"
 Paper width full reel 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35" 690-889mm 27"-35"
 max. reel dia 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42" 1070mm 42"
 Printing Length 482mm 18.97" 520mm 20.47" 534mm 21.02" 552mm 21.73" 604mm 23.77”
 Blanket thickness
 with under packing
2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.082" 2.1mm 0.08"
  • Spacial Cut Off on Demand
  • Web width can be upto 915mm
  • Stocks handled : Paper Reel (Uncoated) 38-80 gsm.
  • Ronald Web Offset Pvt Ltd. reserves the right to vary specifications of RONALD presses without prior information resulting from its policy of consistently improving and updating of all products.
configuration of printing
4 hi tower configuration

(Configuration : 3 Col. Satellite + Stack + Unit Reel Stand + 3 Col. Satellite + Stack + Unit Reel Stand + Unit + Super Folder with Balloon Former + 3 Col. Satellite + Stack + Unit Reel Stand +4 Hi Tower + Unit Reel Stand)