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Brown Paper Bag & Grocery
Paper Bag Making Machine

At Ronald India, we bring to you another wonderful product in line, a paper bag manufacturing machine. This state-of-the-art machine collects, folds, and processes paper to design shopping bags. The machine is available in different configurations to suit the need of the industry. It helps you make the most of the versatile system to cater to the dynamics of bag manufacturing. Manufactured using advanced technology, our machine is known for efficient performance and less maintenance.

A brown paper bag making machine is a fully automatic machine, which eases off the numerous tasks associated with bag making. Almost, all its operations are automated to work efficiently. This kind of operational feature makes it ideal for accurately collecting the raw materials, folding, stamping, and processing at high speed.

Advantages that Our Machine Offers

It would be worthless to buy a machine that can function well for a limited period and we have taken note of that. The grocery paper bag making machine is manufactured with selectively durable materials which discard the need for constant disruptions like mechanical breakdowns.

Faster Production and Time-Saving

This automated machine is capable of producing thousands of bags per hour, which justifies its faster production feature. However, this production rate also varies on the quality of the paper you prefer.

High Production Quality

The machine enhances production capacity. By doing accurate collection and folding, it is easy to change the system with the fully automatic motor-driven system.

Low Upkeep

The automatic brown paper bag making machine requires less space and low maintenance as well. It is designed in a way to ensures that it can operate without much human intervention.


Our machines are manufactured using advanced technology with consideration of the environment. Hence, it does not harm the environment and produces eco-friendly paper bags, which is the need of the hour.


All the machines manufactured by us are meant to grow your revenue. Hence, a grocery paper bag making machine becomes a cost-effective buy that assists you with higher production at minimal bag making cost.

Fully Automatic Process

Being fully automated, it can work independently which saves manual labor. This mode of operation comes as an added advantage to help you save on your labor expenses.

Industries Where It is used

If you visit supermarkets, you will come across the bread and food items wrapped up in brown paper bags. There is a reason why grocery stores prefer this type of wrapping and the brown paper bag making machine helps in producing such bags. It not only adds to the aesthetical values and maintains the degree of freshness. The brown paper bag is considered ideal for this type of packaging to maintain the prolonged periods of freshness. The open ones brown paper bag offer a way for the continuous circulation of air in and out of the food items. It is vital for keeping up the freshness. These paper bags find their usage in the packaging of goods in multiple industries such as the food, grocery, and baking industries.

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